Work for us

Are you mother tongue English? Do you have a T.E.F.L qualification? Are you interested in teaching English online via Skype?

Please send us...

1) Your personal details or CV, including contact details (phone and email address) a recent photo (which we can use for student purposes) and a copy of teaching certificate(s) with details of length of time in teaching, levels taught, any examinations you've prepared students for and the age range of student's you've taught or prefer.

2) Details of knowledge of any languages in addition to English and the level you are at in each.

3) Please tell us the hourly rate you request.
We offer students blocks of 7 lessons - 45 minutes each. (One every 5 lessons of the course) and charge 11% commission. You may wish to add this to your hourly rate. The conversation lessons must cover the topics that the students have studied during their course. During the first lesson, we ask the student if they are happy after 15 minutes so they can check if they are happy with you before committing to 7 lessons.

Thank you